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1 Cib / Ajmaq — The Trecena of Wisdom and Forgiveness

Cib, or Ajmaq in K’iche’ Maya, represents the wisdom and the souls of our ancestors, of the ancients that came before us, both in our own bloodline and in the human family now inhabiting the Earth.  The energy of Cib embodies our connection to the long history of life through evolution, through the millions of years that have elapsed and blessed our planet with the diversity of life we see today, and the sanctity of consciousness, free will and love.  Cib also represents forgiveness, pardon, sin, and pleasure.  It is the nagual of all faults and vices.  But it also symbolizes gifts and Mother Earth, and is the nagual of the Earth itself.  The animal totems of Cib are the vulture and the owl.  In the Classical Maya tradition, it is associated with the cardinal direction South and the color yellow.

On Cib days, the Maya ask for forgiveness from their ancestors, for this is the time when they are listening and are favorably predisposed to hear our wishes and requests.  This is also a good day to manage harmony and discord.  In the Classical Period, Cib helped the Maya maintain balance in their lives: it was a day to stay home and reflect on one’s acts and their consequences, be they intentional or not.  

Cib embodies two archetypal energies: forgiveness and wisdom.  Forgiveness has been written about a lot in the popular press lately; perhaps because we need it more than ever.  The high rates of divorce, lawsuits, and crime related to hate, envy, vendettas, and other interpersonal issues that mark societies in many “developed” nations, are the symptom of our inability, or unwilingness, to forgive.  Forgiveness carries with it a vast ocean of powerful forces: love, respect, integrity, honor, compassion, understanding, and empathy.  Until you are able to forgive, fully, completely, and unconditionally, until you are able to stop seeking vengeance or revenge, you are not truly free.  You are still under the control of the person who has wronged you, for you dedicate your thoughts, emotions and energy to them.  First and foremost, you must forgive yourself, and that may be yet more difficult than pardoning others.  Many of us carry deep-seated guilt, sometimes without knowing it.  That guilt, whatever its roots, must come out. 

When you forgive, you let go, you release and liberate.  Not only those who have wronged you, but more importantly, yourself.  And that is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

Cib also embodies the experience of wisdom and insight gained through the experience of long life.  For the Maya, attaining the status of Elder, which occurs at 52 years of age—when you have completed 4 cycles of 13 years each—is one of the highest accomplishments of a human being.  Ironically, modern Western society worships the vigor and idealism of youth, and treats its elders as no longer productive or useful.  They are considered a burden rather than the treasures of wisdom they really are.  This is critical, because unless we respect and recognize the priceless knowledge and experience that our elders carry, we will continue to be doomed to repeat the errors and ill-advised decisions of the past—and this applies to all levels and aspects of our society, from foreign policy and economic indicators to our own social values and professional success.  Our elders are our only link to what came before us, our only connection to past generations and their hard-learned lessons.  No books, no web sites, no global social network can replace the profound living wisdom our elders embody.  Cutting off these vital lines severs us from our own collective consciousness and prevents us from moving forward individually and as a society.

This is why connecting to the paths the ancestors have walked is so crucial.  Not just your direct bloodline, but also all those who came before you, whose learning, work, and efforts you are now enjoying in the form of all the technologies, techniques, processes, inventions, and other tools and knowledge that make your life more productive, convenient, and enjoyable.  

Reconnect with the elders, both living and passed on, and you will reconnect with your own soul.

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(Text by Birgitte Rasine.  If you’d like to repost the Trecena texts, please copy the above text in its entirety and credit Birgitte Rasine/The Mayan Calendar Portal with a link to www.maya-portal.net, and email us with a link to your site so we can reciprocate.)

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